Jason Tucker, Tucker Music, #Country

It’s Tucker.

It’s time for a gifted singer/songwriter, and self-professed classic car aficionado, to take that step to center stage after refining his chops, his songs and his sound into something that is uniquely … Tucker. One name. Simple. Honest. Like the man and his music.


He’s a multi-instrumentalist and a prolific songwriter. He’s played and toured with Eric Durrance on the Jason Aldean (2008 CMT Tour), Jimmy Wayne, James Otto, Ashley Cleveland, Guy Penrod, Rick Derringer, Michael Peterson and more.


“My start in Nashville was with Eric Durrance. I became friends with Josh Gentry, whose dad is Teddy Gentry [of the iconic band, Alabama] and it was Teddy who had me come audition for the gig with Eric,” Tucker says. “We worked with Teddy for weeks to prepare for the 2008 CMT Tour. Working with Teddy Gentry and being a part of such an amazing tour was a huge highlight in my career, and a tremendous learning opportunity.”


Although he’s been a highly sought after musician for some of the busiest artists on the road, all of those artists would urge Tucker to record his own solo project. The thoughtful artist took his time … to learn the business, write, and develop his own sound. He cut demos, performed in and around Nashville, and continued to enhance the sound of other big names … until the time was right. That time is now.


With his cleverly titled debut EP, #Country, set for release in Spring 2015, the thoughtful Southerner with ties to Texas, North Carolina, Louisiana and now Tennessee, is ready to share his music with Country fans.


The project is inspired by real life situations and real people. Tucker’s songs are based on the stories he has lived and seen in the lives of those close to him. He believes in the truth and enjoys gathering stories from his own experience or situations he’s witnessed and setting them to music with lyrics that are honest, inspiring and real … songs that listeners connect with. He is most prolific when life has him spinning. It is when life is at its most demanding that the words come … often several songs at a time … perhaps in some subconscious effort to make sense of the wonderful chaos that is life and love and relationships.


When he’s not indulging his love of music, Tucker indulges his passion for cars; American “muscle cars,” street rods and more. “I’m a car freak. It’s something I shared with my dad, and plan to share with my own sons,” Tucker says. He enjoys car shows and just about every car-related reality show on TV. Tucker is currently restoring a 1968 Chevy Camaro.


Love of music, family, and fast cars – It all comes to fruition in high octane live performances where Tucker really connects with his growing fan base. He is especially gratified when he sees how a song resonates with a crowd, or even just one person. “When someone pulls me aside to eagerly share what a song means to them, well, it just doesn’t get any better,” he says. Whether joy or heartbreak, frustration or hope … or just plain bawdy fun … a song is a story, an experience meant to be shared.


Ultimately, choosing songs for the EP was a simple process. Some are simply Tucker’s personal favorites, others had been on hold by other artists, and a couple have simply proven themselves as fan favorites at live shows. In every case, hearing the songs come to life in the studio has been exciting.


“I believe in these songs,” Tucker says, “and I hope that Country music fans will hear that when they listen to each one.”


Tucker lives in Nashville with his wife and two young sons. Wife, Kelly lends her own fine vocals to the song “Meant to Be,” (co-written with Eric Durrance).



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